Butisol Sodium (butabarbital 50mg/tab)
Butisol Sodium (butabarbital 50mg/tab)
March 19, 2018
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Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) 100mg



Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) ,The barbiturates are nonselective central nervous system (CNS) depressants that are primarily used as sedative hypnotics. In subhypnotic doses, they are also used as anticonvulsants. The barbiturates and their sodium salts are subject to control under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) Capsules, is a barbituric acid derivative and occurs as a white, odorless, bitter powder that is very soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, and practically insoluble in ether. Chemically, the drug is sodium 5-allyl-5-(1-methylbutyl) barbiturate, with the molecular formula C12H17N2NaO3. Its molecular weight is 260.27. The structural formula is as follows: order seconal, seconal price, seconal sodium for sale, buy seconal sodium,